Earlier this year I signed up for a Dave Ramsey class.  I need some serious help learning to manage my finances, this I know.  So I basically did the budget he taught us and learned a lot about investing for the future, and ignored most of his other advice.  But lately I've been thinking more and more about my future and what I want that to look like, and seriously I have plans, and they shouldn't involve being in debt for the rest of my dang life.
Kevin thinks I have a shrine to Dave Ramsey in my house, but it's really because I'm lazy and haven't put any of it up yet.  I'm moving so it will be torn down soon enough, but maybe it will be resurrected in my new place!
So I've changed my "shopping for the week" habits, need to work on my eating out and extra goodies habits.  Also this is my second week in a row of eating beans and rice for dinner, I spice it up a bit and since I'm doing vegetarian right now it's working out pretty well for me. And I've decided to get a second job, I've only sent my resume to one place, but if that doesn't work out I have other places to send it to in my head.  I'm really wanting to work at a bakery and learn a bit more about what I love. I'm just focusing on cupcake places right now, but maybe after I get some experience there I can try a legit bakery, I mean, I can make cupcakes, frosting, quick break, cookies, and brownies from scratch like no one's business, but my pie crust game weak.  And I've never made any other kind of pastry but I want to.
Once upon a time I seriously considered going into the culinary arts program at Johnson County, and I kind of wish I would have.  BUT maybe if I can get my stupid freaking student loans paid off and get my finances in order I could do it, even though I'll be super old by then. LOL.
Maybe this wasn't work posting about, but I put in the time so now you have to read it. Bahahaha!  Have a good week people.