Random Post Alert...

I'm going to have to try a lot harder to blog I think, although I don't really have much going on most of the time.

I've gone on several failed dates, maybe those are the only kind of dates I'll be going on for the rest of my life...I don't know.  But one of those dates did involve a plane ride around Lawrence and over my favorite place (Baker Wetlands) so any first date now will always seem silly, because honestly who can beat that?  I mean...I'm not dating the guy that took me on said date but still.  I'm still using the Bumble app, still wondering why...then remind myself that I literally meet no men so basically it's my only option.  Hey, failed dates are better than no dates at all, and I typically get a good meal out of the deal so there's that!  I still think arranged marriage is a fantastic idea, sadly I can't get Momlene and my Dad on board, total bummer.

Oh and this might surprise some of you (it really shouldn't) but I moved classrooms...again...that's four years in a row...but who's counting?  I'm still with the same age group (two year olds), they're still cute, and that's all I really have to say about it.  Talking about work is boring, even though cute shit happens all the time, most of you would just be annoyed by it.  My favorite thing they do at the moment is this...

Student: Hey Maggie...what's your name?
Me:  Uh...Fred?
Student:  NO! *giggles*

*Repeat this entire exchange roughly fifteen times a day*
I don't know what started it, but it's pretty cute and they do it to every adult they encounter in the room.

Matilda is going to be eight in November.  I'm always amazed that I have owned a dog, a living thing, for eight years and not killed it.  But she's getting old and grey, but she's still young at heart, she's still my best friend, and she deals with the dozens of kisses I give her everyday.

Here's my most recent crazy neighbor story.  I posted about it briefly on Facebook, but I'll go into more detail here...
So last Wednesday I babysat until 9:00ish, I come home and there's a police officer with a flashlight poking around outside my apartment complex, and I'm a bit freaked out, but it's whatever, I live in a crappy neighborhood stuff like this happens around me all the time.  All it really means is that I have to walk Matilda a little later than I anticipated.  SO, I hear a knock on my neighbor's door and I hear pieces of a conversation over the barking dogs that involves fake weapons and live action role play (I know.) and am I surprised that my neighbors were involved? Uh, no.  So the next day I find out that someone had called the cops on them because they were playing with fake swords and being loud (surprise) and someone called the cops because they thought they were mentally unstable...duh.

I'm trying to think of an adventure to take during my week off in May.  Suggestions welcome, as long as they're cheap.  Preschool teachers don't make any money so I can't afford some spendy vacation abroad...but I must get out of Kansas...This May I visited exotic Indianapolis, I saw two of my favorite people in the whole world on said trip, went on a really awesome hiking adventure, relaxed, and most importantly ate really good food so I was very happy with my trip.

ALSO...if you are a runner and looking for a training app or an app to record your runs I HIGHLY recommend the Nike Run Club training app. I've used it briefly before, mostly to record my runs, but right now I'm using it to train and I'm on my third week.  It is 1,000 times better than Couch to 5k because they gather information about you the create your training plan, and they use the information they gather from your workouts to tweak your training as needed.  I'm doing their five week basic get fit training currently, they work on speed, pacing, endurance, and they include some cross training.  After that I plan on either doing their 5k training...possibly 10k I don't know, we'll see where I am after two more weeks.  So Nike Run Club app, check it out.  God, it feels REALLY good to be running again.

And that's about it...for now.