It's really been quite awhile since I've last blogged.  Much has changed since then.  Shall I make a little list? I think so, I'm all about lists lately.

* I turned thirty-five in June.  Momlene and I spent the day at an arts/music festival in Salina like we have for the past few years.  I love it, and I never want to miss it.
* I am no longer dating anyone.  It's really ok.  I'm not sad about it.  Anymore.
* I moved into my own apartment.  I love my apartment, hate my neighbors. Watch this:
       (My neighbors, but not as classy as these folks)
* I am still at Hilltop, different classroom.  I'm back with my toddlers, my first love.  Although I do miss my preschoolers every single day.
* I went to my first cosplay event and it was amazing!  Harry Potter is life.  Still.
* Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out, it was amazing, I saw it twice.  It was literally one of the highlights of my year...definitely in the top three.
* And today, after being without internet in my home since July, I FINALLY got the internet. I'm living in the now! I'm hip!

See, it's a short list.  My life did have a few major changes.  I had roughly a month to find my new apartment, and luckily I found one half a block from my house.  It's tiny, it's in a basement, and my neighbors are loud as shit, but I do love it.  If they left, I would probably stay.  But if any of you were actually around me for the great apartment search, you know how much it stressed me out, and how relieved I was to know I wouldn't be living in a refrigerator box on Mass.

I'm trying this dating app called Bumble.  I'm giving it a second chance.  Honestly, I'm not too impressed.  But maybe you'll have better luck than I have in finding a dateable person.  Me? I'm convinced there isn't a single dateable man left in all of the KC Metro area or Lawrence.  Here's the thing about it all...I'm flipping through these profiles...all of these attractive men in their thirties, most of whom seem totally dateable, normal looking, not too stalker-ish...WHY do they need a dating app...then I think to myself...I think I need this dating app, and there's nothing to wrong with me...I don't know, it all sucks.  I wish arranged marriages were still a thing, it would take away a lot of my stress. I know Momlene and my Dad wouldn't just stick my with anybody!  Momlene would make sure he was cute, and my Dad would make sure he was rich, because they both love me and want what's best for me.

We're doing a weight loss challenge at work that's supposed to be fun, we'll see about that. I need something to get my ass back in gear.  But I am proud to say that at my last doctor's appointment they said I could stop taking the one diabetes medication I was on. So it's all being managed by diet and exercise! Yay! But I'm ready for a fresh start health wise in 2017.  I'm spending these next two months doing regular workouts, some cardio some strength training, etc.  But in March I'm planning on starting to run again so I can actually compete in this year's Hilltop Hustle.  It's for a really great cause this year, for an amazing kid we had to say good-bye to far too soon, so he's my inspiration this year.

And the one thing you've all been waiting to hear about...MATILDA! She turned seven in November, she's slowly but surely adjusting to life without a bunch of roommates, and she's still the most amazing dog in the universe, as well as my best friend.

Do you love the layout? It's Hufflepuff colors.  #dealwithit