Good morning star shine!

Can we speak for a minute about online dating.  Yes, online dating.  I have zero luck with online dating. Seriously. I'm trying it, I was encouraged by friends and family to try it, even though it's never worked when I tried it before. I always seem to attract the exact opposite of what I'm looking for.  So I took a good look at my profile, made some changes, clarified some things, and am now hoping for some other matches...but let's be honest here, I've only have one guy message me, so it's not like the guys are just falling over themselves messaging me. Ok.  So I paid for three months, so I'll give it three months, but after that I'm done. I wish these websites would give you your money back if it doesn't work. Ha.
I took two weeks off of the running but fell back into it pretty easily.  I ALMOST ran a whole three miles yesterday, I really thought I had, but in all actuality I only ran 2.87 miles, what can I say? I'm horrible at judging distance and my tracking app wasn't working. Oh well, tomorrow!
Matilda and I went to the dog park this morning, I can't remember the last time we went.  I think it was in the spring, possibly even last fall.  She freaked me out when she went after one of our old neighbor's dogs last year so I was really wary about taking her to the dog park after that.  But she did an AWESOME job, listened so well.  She just gets so overwhelmed when a lot of dogs come running at her.  But we have a doggie playdate on Tuesday at the dog park, and I have high hopes that she'll do well.  I have to remember that the people at the dog park are in fact dog people and are pretty forgiving.  I think part of the issue at the dog park is the fact that I get tense, which makes poor Matilda tense, but oh well. Generally speaking she loves it there and so do I and I need to make a better effort to get her there. Who knows, it might help with her social skills when it comes to other dogs!
Thanksgiving is almost here and I'm excited to spend it with my Dad, Tish, brothers, sister-in-law, and my darling niece of course.  The extra two days off are nice as well!!! The Hummingbirds are making a Thanksgiving lunch for their families and it should be fun time for them!
Oh and for all of my Lawrence peeps. Alchemy Coffee.  Wonderful, very reasonably priced. Granted M and I didn't have coffee, we had their peppermint tea and it was wonderful.  We both drank it straight no sugar or cream etc. and it was tasty!  So I highly recommend it, although the parking is...difficult :) But I am a terrible parker so don't listen to me :)  Amy, the next time you come to Lawrence we're hitting up Alchemy, I know you will appreciate it!

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